Gambling game Aviatrix - a cult simulator for real money in 2024

The Internet is flooded with games that have become some of the most popular in casinos. Users gladly launch these virtual simulators to enjoy exciting adventures and fascinating storylines. These games are very easy to learn and beginners will be able to handle them in just a few minutes. Instant payouts and high percentages of returns for customers are guaranteed in these services.

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In 2024, the Internet was shocked by the appearance of an iconic slot machine called Aviatrix! Users will be able to enjoy the unique world of this gambling emulator using any device regardless of the operating system, thanks to the work on it by RiverJoe in collaboration with the provider Scorum. Now you can get acquainted with the fascinating story of the flight.

Aviatrix - Plot

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The iconic slot machine with an exciting storyline known as "Aviatrix" is a significant rival to another crash game that gained fame as "Aviator". Slots continue to improve along with technology and graphics, and "Aviatrix" is no exception. With its concept and functionality, it is a more attractive, relevant, advanced, and profitable modification of the Aviator slot machines.

Aviatrix invites its users to go on an exciting adventure in the sky. After starting the game, the user can choose one of the modern aircraft. You can set up your style of flying machine and go on a journey upwards, somewhere through the clouds!

The greater the distance, duration, and height of the flight, the higher the possible profit for the client. The slot machine not only offers participants to travel but also to compete with each other.

What makes it difficult to complete the task? There is a risk of an accident. Immediately after the start of the game, participants are trying to reach the highest point, but there is a possibility that everything will fail. The main goal of the players is to score the maximum number of points and complete the current stage.

✔ It is important to note that the more and longer the flying machine flies, the higher the payout ratio will be. Sometimes it is possible to take a risk and expect to get a higher multiplier, but beginners are advised to start with small values, such as 1.5x1.7, which guarantees a win in almost every game, albeit a small one.

Aviatrix is a fascinating story about flying an NFT plane that gives the user a wide range of features not available in regular games, and it blew up the internet 💣!

🎮 Game title  AviatriX
📅 Release year  2022
🔍 Game base  NFT
✨ Unique features  Upgrading airplanes, selling and buying airplanes
🔄 Auto play  Yes
📊 RTP 97%

Aviatrix Features and Chips

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This game machine is unlike other crash games in that it has features that appeal to gamers more than the usual games of this genre. Such features have been built in by the provider.

  1. 🥇 Regular challenges are available when you participate in Aviatrix using real money.
  2. 🥈 There is an improvement mechanism in the game that depends on the time and duration of the game. The longer the user plays, the more profit opportunities. In addition, with each new round, you can improve your flying machine and get additional bonuses.
  3. 🥉 It is possible to design a customized flying machine, which will have a unique appearance due to the available user settings and the possibility of improving the account. Create your unique aircraft and go on a journey across the airspace today!

This virtual simulator has special features that set it apart from others. In addition, users note the additional benefits of this device.

  • There is a mode that allows you to get acquainted with the main features of the slot machine without any risks 👀;
  • A loyal range of bets 👛;
  • Bets with doubling, which significantly increase the chances of success and higher profits ❌;
  • The payout ratio is very high and amounts to 98% с
  • To use does not require a special device, just have a browser and a stable Internet connection 🌐;
  • The slot machine has strong protection against unauthorized access and manipulation, making it impossible to hack or tamper with the game results 🔐;
  • A random number generator ensures equal odds of winning for all users, regardless of their experience in gambling and betting sites, which guarantees the fairness of the game 🍀;
  • Creation of a customized NFT flying machine, which will be easily distinguishable from others ✈;
  • We have a special robot that will help you make bets and withdraw winnings automatically, so you can earn passive income in our virtual environment 🤖;
  • Easy and intuitive operation, accessible even to those who are just beginning to master 🕹;
  • The adaptability of the mobile version to small screens of devices at the highest level 📱.

This game has very profitable payouts - if you are lucky, you can increase your initial bet by 100 times. However, it is up to each player to decide when to quit. Each user can choose between a large payout with high risk or smaller but guaranteed winnings. The final decision depends only on the gambler.

✔ It is important to note that the gameplay has a table of bets, which displays bets of other participants, as well as at the top of the screen is a horizontal line with the odds, where you can see the "history of flights. This information can be useful for those who use different strategies in the game.

Getting to know the interface of Aviatrix - to help beginners

The online game Aviatrix attracts players of all experience levels, thanks to stunning graphics and a well-developed navigation menu.

The game window is divided into several parts:

  1. The main area is in the middle and contains an image of the aircraft and its surroundings. This area will also display a timer for placing bets.
  2. On the top panel of the game screen, there is a section called "flight achievements", which shows the maximum odds achieved by the aircraft before the crashes.
  3. The right side of the main window displays betting information, which includes the number of planes involved, individual stats, rewards for completing daily tasks, and a list of available quests.
  4. This area, which is above the main game area, contains various controls. Among them, there is a button for adjusting the sound and displaying the current bankroll on the right, and on the left is the "Create" button, which gives access to the aircraft configuration menu, where you can change its appearance and name, as well as activate bonuses (if available).
  5. The slot machine has a bottom panel, located at the level of the playing field. It is designed to make bets and allows you to make two simultaneous bets, which should be withdrawn alternately.

✔ Be careful: the platform has an option "Autoplay", which allows users to withdraw bets when certain odds are reached. Fixed bets in coins are on the bending panel. By clicking on the values, the gambler will risk a certain amount.

The slot machine is controlled by various input devices, including the mouse cursor, built-in buttons, and panels, as well as the keyboard.

Aviatrix plans are designed solely for the failure of games

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Aviatrix is a cash game that promises not only a lucrative partnership but also a lot of vivid emotions available to users by using different strategies. The slot machine is also suitable for beginners with small banks as it has a wide betting range as well as for high rollers.

People who know a lot about luck games, say that you can use all the traditional strategies and tactics that are used in other gambling games. However, crash games have their unique methods of winning large sums, which have the maximum impact, especially when the player is lucky.

  1. Low-Rate Technique. A scheme that is mainly recommended for beginners. Users should bet a certain amount (can be minimum or average), and then withdraw it when the payout ratio reaches about 1.5-1.8. This tactic provides an almost complete guarantee of winning 100% of the time. It will turn out to be small.
  2. Average odds use an approach similar to the previous method. It is based on increasing the bet when the multiplier reaches a range between x2 and x3. The winnings will be much larger, but the chances of success are reduced and the risks increase.
  3. A tactic that is widely used in Aviatrix, even by professionals, is called the "double strike". It involves the simultaneous placement of two bets: the first should be small to get the minimum winnings, and the second - with the maximum odds, which can be increased gradually. In most situations, this strategy brings a positive result, but the winnings may not be too significant.

These methods can only be used in the game. To use the "Double Bet" strategy effectively, it is recommended to make the second bet (to achieve high odds) half the size of the first bet.

At Aviatrix some methods can be used by gamers in different situations

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The slot under consideration allows gamers to use universal strategies for gambling simulators. Users can create their methods of behavior in the game or use ready-made.

The most effective tactics for game failures, according to expert high-stakes gamblers, include:

  1. "1-3-2-6". It is based on a gradual increase in the bet. First, it is tripled, then it is doubled. The subsequent bet must be multiplied by a factor of 6. An excellent option for beginners, especially if they make small bets.
  2. The Martingale method, which is the most common and well-known in the world of gambling, is used not only in online mode. When using this strategy, the player needs to double the bet amount each time he loses. If there is a success, you can go back to the original bet. The described plan is equally effective for investors with high stakes, as well as for people with more modest financial means.
  3. This is a game strategy, which resembles the well-known Martingale system. Its essence is that with each loss, the player must increase the bet by a certain amount, which can be either more or less than a double increase. The main difference from Martingale is that after winning it is necessary to return to the original bet.
  4. One well-known method, known as the D'Alamber strategy, is based on the skillful management of one's bankroll. In this method, the player must choose the amount of his bet and determine the "step". Each time the player wins, he must reduce his bet by a certain amount. If he loses, the bet must be increased by an appropriate amount. This strategy is effectively used in games such as crash and card simulators.
  5. This method resembles D'Alamber's strategy but uses a change in bets depending on the outcome. When you win, the bets decrease and when you lose, the bets increase. The odds must be equal to 2. This method can be described as a combination of "Martingale" and "D'Alambera" strategies.

It is recommended to use the strategy "Maximum bet" to get the maximum winnings in the gambling world, but if you fail, you can lose everything. This approach is particularly popular among high rollers. The technique is to limit each game bet to the top, allowing the player to avoid undesirable consequences. If a player has limited resources, he should determine the maximum possible size of bets and use it.

We invite you to get acquainted with the functionality of the slot in a demo mode Aviatrix

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It is possible to play Aviatrix in two modes that can be chosen at your discretion. In addition, there is an opportunity to use a test version of the simulator to get more information about its functionality.

To start the presentation mode of Aviatrix, the following steps are required:

  1. Pin up can be accessed through its official website or using a special gambling app.
  2. Using the built-in navigation menu, you can quickly find the desired slot machine, simply by entering the name of the game in the search bar.
  3. Click on the result.
  4. There is an option called "Demo", which involves running a slot machine in test mode.
  5. Using the functionality of the betting platform, make game bets.
  6. Wait for the start of the next game. Between each round, there is a break of 5 seconds. Parties are automatically replaced one after another. If the client did not have time to make a bet before the start of the round, it will be carried over to the next round. They can be successfully canceled without any losses.

It remains to follow the movement of the airplane and finish the tournament in time with the winning bets.

✔ Attention! In the demo version of the slot machines customers can not only bet, but the creation/naming of the aircraft. To do this, simply click on the button "Create". The screen will appear on the menu of the formation of the aircraft with the standard settings. They will be added as your profile is being upgraded.

How to play for real money on Aviatrix

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At Aviatrix the game for money works only after registration in the selected virtual gambling club. Users along with the "paid" mode will be able to activate daily quests, bonuses, and aircraft add-ons.

To participate in games on Aviatrix using real money, it is recommended to follow certain recommendations.

  1. The Pin up site has an opportunity to register, the process takes less than a minute and is available through social networks.
  2. Activate an account.
  3. Log in to the Pin Up Casino online resource using your credentials.
  4. Follow the steps in the second and third steps of the previously described procedure.
  5. Select the "Play" option, which may be designated as "Real Money" or "For Cash".
  6. Place money according to the established rules on the gaming device.
  7. Withdraw your bet from the party in time to receive a guaranteed payout.

Note that users who turn on the "paid" mode in Aviatrix gain access to daily quests that unlock new features and settings for the flying machines. Bets that include additional features become more profitable, more stable, and more interesting.


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What is Aviatrix?

It is a gaming device that has similar functionality to a crash-type machine. It allows players to build their flying machines and participate in gambling competitions with other players.

Is there a strategy that is guaranteed to lead to victory in this slot?

No gambling tactic provides a complete guarantee of victory, but it is possible to use techniques such as "Low odds", "Martingale method" and "Maximum bet".

How to gain experience in the game?

For each cash deposit in "Real Money" mode, a certain amount of experience points corresponding to the number of dollars deposited is credited.

How to crack the slot?

Impossible. This slot machine is a unique software with a high level of security, which provides reliable and stable payments to all players.